Kendrick Lamar - brushpen on printer paper, digital colours.

Danny Brown - brushpen on printer paper.

I’ve got a small art show up at the Ministry window in the Odeon alley. Check it out!

Simple sketchin’.

Maya Angelou - brushpen on rough paper.

Vladimir Nabokov - brushpen on rough paper. Just finished reading Lolita, and can’t wait to start on Speak, Memory and Pale Fire.

Robert Johnson - my take on a classic image, brushpen on rough paper.

In the garden, experimenting with pencils. Planting Three Sisters (corn-squash-beans) and waiting for the beans to start sprouting up.

Drawing Hands — Brushpen

Igor Stravinsky - Brushpen portrait, rough paper again for nice dry brush textures. Watching Rite of Spring once a day for the last few weeks — so heavy.