Hey Matthias,

Thanks for the kind words! For the most part, my process is some variation on the following: I pencil in colour, ink with a brush, scan my work in at 600dpi (full colour), then in Photoshop (in rgb mode) I remove my pencils with a “black and white” adjustment layer and add a “levels” adjustment layer to punch up my blacks. (Note: these adjustment layers are clipped to my linework, so they won’t alter my digital colouring if I end up putting those underneath the linework. Also note: my linework is set to multiply, so colours will show underneath.)

Then I tend to do my flat colours (underneath the lines layer, and with the help of a crappy old wacom tablet) using separate colour fill layers, so I can modify them individually and easily. Once the flats look good, it’s easy to clip textures (I like making my own with e.g. charcoal) or shading/modelling to the colour fills, and because they’re clipped, you don’t have to worry about going over the lines: your separation is already done.

All of this is part of a non-destructive workflow, so if I get all the way to the end and decide my blacks still aren’t black enough, I can just open my “levels” adjustment layer and tweak it (instead of destructively applying filters, etc). If clipping layers and adjustment layers aren’t part of your workflow yet, I highly recommend tracking down a handful of tutorials and trying them out. They take a while to get used to, but make a huge difference.

Hope this helps!

Poster for The Beatnuts at Rifflandia. 18” by 24” — prints should be available soon — more details to come.

Kendrick Lamar - brushpen on printer paper, digital colours.

Danny Brown - brushpen on printer paper.

I’ve got a small art show up at the Ministry window in the Odeon alley. Check it out!

Simple sketchin’.

Maya Angelou - brushpen on rough paper.

Vladimir Nabokov - brushpen on rough paper. Just finished reading Lolita, and can’t wait to start on Speak, Memory and Pale Fire.

Robert Johnson - my take on a classic image, brushpen on rough paper.

In the garden, experimenting with pencils. Planting Three Sisters (corn-squash-beans) and waiting for the beans to start sprouting up.