Simple sketchin’.

Maya Angelou - brushpen on rough paper.

Vladimir Nabokov - brushpen on rough paper. Just finished reading Lolita, and can’t wait to start on Speak, Memory and Pale Fire.

Robert Johnson - my take on a classic image, brushpen on rough paper.

In the garden, experimenting with pencils. Planting Three Sisters (corn-squash-beans) and waiting for the beans to start sprouting up.

Drawing Hands — Brushpen

Igor Stravinsky - Brushpen portrait, rough paper again for nice dry brush textures. Watching Rite of Spring once a day for the last few weeks — so heavy.

Nick Cave - Brushpen portrait on real rough paper to emphasize drybrush technique. Laying down liquid frisket with a toothpick to play with some negative space. Listening to Abattoir Blues on repeat.


This is more of my work performed in indentured servitude to Simon Roy. I kid, I kid. I’ve been trying to work on my pen style. It’s actually been a while since I’ve hatched a hatch, and a few weeks since I worked on this mother. I like it better now, but I’m particular. I like to get in a groove where I’m feelin’ all the lines I’m putting down, just feelin’ that nib digging into the paper in just the right way. Anyways, here’s this.

This particular scene won’t be in the finished comic, but I liked doodling on it in my own time, changing the progression and adding/taking away visual information.

Malachi Ward colored a bigger version of this page, and it looks pretty sweet. Updates to come…